parasailing in destin florida

Parasailing in destin florida

Best Parasailing in Destin Florida

Many people assume that Parasailing isn’t easy?

Parasailing is a lot easier then hand gliding and you can get some serious elevation.

At first glance, you may think that this is a hard thing to do, but it’s not. You simply get a harness and become tethered to a boat. A parachute is tied to ropes and once they are put up and you’re being pulled by a vessel, you will lift to all new heights. Once in the air, you will have a beautiful bird’s eye view of everything around you.

The parachute keeps you in the air alongside the speed of the boat, and your harness ensures that you don’t go anywhere.

The ride is not fast paced and won’t scare you or your family members.

At the end of the ride, you’ll be lowered onto our state of the art boat.

The best part about Parasailing in Destin florida is that you will get to experience the gift of flight, even if it is only for a short span of time.

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Top Reasons Destin florida is the main choice for watersports

cirque destin The best thing about vacationing in Destin Florida is the endless amount of fun you can have on the water.

Not only does Destin include some of the best shopping, dining, and entertainment in Northwest Florida, Destin offers a variety of fun things to do like Parasailing, watercraft rentals, dolphin cruises and jet ski rentals, beach chair services and beachside bars just to name a few.Destin is the Luckiest Fishing Village in the World with the  largest fishing fleet in Florida.

From deep sea fishing to relaxing trips for the entire family.

The Destin Harbor easily comes alive with watersports, parasailing rides and jet skis passing by the Harbor and Choctawatchee Bay.

Next time you’re in Destin — don’t miss out on the fun with a watersports ride on the harbor.

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The Thrill of Vacationing in Destin Florida

The Thrill of Vacationing in Destin Florida

When you start vacationing in Destin Florida, you’ll never want to go anywhere else!

Destin has the finest stretch of sugar-white beaches and emerald-green water in Florida.

Destin is home to an endless amount of fun, including some of the best shopping, dining, and entertainment in Northwest Florida.

Destin has breathtaking views and fabulous amenities.

Destin offers a variety of fun things to do at the beach like Parasailing, jetski and watercraft rentals, beach chair services and beachside bars just to name a few.

Desin also has go-kart tracks and thrill rides. You can cool down by making a splash at a waterpark…

Destin was Nick-named the Luckiest Fishing Village in the World and has some of the best fishing in the southeastern United States.

Desin has the largest fishing fleet in Florida, from deep sea fishing to fun trips for the entire family.

Desin also has many championship golf courses rated amoung the best Golf destinations in Florida for an unmatched golfing experience.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of Destin harbor — where the harbor comes alive with watersports, fantastic local bands, found at our many local hotspots along the Destin Harbor and Choctawatchee Bay.

Eat, drink, shop ’till you drop at the Destin Commons, Silver Sands Factory Stores, and numerous unique designer boutiques along the way.

Wine and dine at the finest dining restaurants along the Gulf Coast.

Destin will be your favorite places to vacation.

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Welcome To Cirque Destin

Le Grand Cirque is located on a chunk of land behind Sandestin’s Grand Boulevard. You’ll see 3 white tents stretch to the sky and surrounded by signs pointing to the main attraction.

This traveling show is comparable to the Cirque de Soleil and has received high praise for its amazing stunts. and visuals. The excitement builds as soon as you enter the first tent, which serves as a foyer and looks like an actual building. The floor is checkered with black-and-white flooring and realistic “walls” behind the box office.

Umbrellas hang upside down from the tent’s peak, draped in fabrics, lights and beads.

The auditorium tent is intimate, with stadium seating close to the stage.

The music pulses and lights travel through fog as a mime welcomes the audience. Performers flood the stage in a flurry, climbing poles using only their hands, extending their bodies horizontally and wrapping themselves around. They descend the poles headfirst using only their feet, while acrobats climb billowy sheets dangling from the ceiling.

A group of men stack silver rings high on a trampolinefollowed by a girl who balances eight full-size chairs on her belly. Another performer slings hula hoop after hula hoop around her body and even swirls one around her ponytail. One guy folds himself into a metal cylinder the size of a holiday popcorn tin and folds himself back out.

The most impressive act of the night is the Wheel of Death: 2 men inside what look like hamster wheels, only without sides. As they walk around the pendulum rotates like a Ferris wheel. One of the performers gets out and walks on top of his wheel, then does it blindfolded.

It’s fascinating to watch them spin effortlessly, probably 70 feet in the air, without cables. They go for several rotations before the wheel slows and the man slips off his blindfold.

The Cirque continues, 2 hours in all;

The night comes to a close when the cast joins the audience to toss giant beach balls back and forth.

The house lights come up and the acrobats retake the stage for the finale:

Le Grand Cirque is grand indeed.